When your space is organized, the areas of your home stay clean and usable. In a clutter-free environment, you can easily find things you need and you’ll be confident about the condition of your home when guests drop by. Decluttering may feel like an overwhelming task so we’ve listed some helpful tips on how to declutter your living spaces.

Get Everyone On Board

Before beginning the cleaning process, hold a family or household meeting to make certain everyone is together in this endeavor. Keeping a home clean is easier when you have the family on board and focused on the same goals. Decide together what areas need the most attention and tackle those first.

Work in Sections

To declutter your living spaces, work on one section of the house at a time. Many organizing experts recommend that the house is divided into a visual grid. If there is a large amount of clutter in a specific area, a single room can be broken up this way, too. When other people will be helping with the cleaning process, you can assign areas of focus to each individual or work together in teams.

Get Rid of Stuff Right Away

Common advice when working on how to declutter your living spaces is to separate things into piles: items to keep, recycle, donate, and throw away. If those piles aren’t dealt with soon, the sorted items get mixed back together or are re-incorporated into the household. The best way to avoid this from happening is to take the stuff that you are going to get rid of out of the house right away.

Stay Focused to Declutter your Living Spaces

Because of the emotional attachment that many people have to their possessions, it can be difficult for them to get rid of things. This is why it is important to stay focused when reducing the clutter in your home. If the item hasn’t been used in a year and it has no monetary or sentimental value, toss it in a discard pile.

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